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These are updates that I wasn't really sure where what heading they'd fall under or they're more of a general setting. 

#1 - Default terms of service

One of those little changes that makes a huge difference in my workflow (and hopefully yours).

You can now create a default terms of service blurb with your links and it'll be automatically included in your product and offers from that point on. 

It's under Appearance >> Branding >> Custom Defaults. 

#2 - Clear all notifications

You can now clear all notifications at once. No more clicking each one to clear the dot 😅

#3 - Custom 404 page 

A 404 page is the page that your site visitor sees when they try to get to a link that no longer exists. So an error page. 

You can now create a bespoke one for your business. 

Here's a blog post with more details about this. 

#4 - New SEO fields

Previously only Pages and Post had explicit SEO fields.

But Communities, Offers and Products now have them too! So you can set SEO Title and SEO Description. 

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