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Want free monthly training on hot topics like Email Marketing, Websites, Online Courses, and more?

Then this is your exclusive invitation to join my email list so you can watch it live and ask me questions. Like a coaching session without the price tag

Guess you've scrolled down for some more info...

You've probably seen me showing up in Facebook groups and answering questions. I genuinely love helping people get unstuck - especially when it comes to tech!

I have been racking my brain for ideas on a less time-consuming way to help those on a budget and support customers who may have additional questions but need a more active prompt to ask. 

I also want to build a community of people who are genuinely interested in what I have to offer and not just here for the free stuff. 

That's how the monthly live sessions came to be. 

This is for you if...

  • You're a business owner that likes to get hands-on with the systems in your business (or can't afford 1-1 help yet)
  • You're a Virtual Assistant looking to become a tech VA and want to see behind the scenes of in-demand tech services
  • You want to check me out before working with me. You know, to see whether I know my stuff!

So, what can you expect?

In short, I will go live every month to drop some valuable training and answer your questions.

The process will look something like:

  • You will get an email asking you to submit  your questions before the session
  • You will get an email with a link to the session (the link will also be added in your member's area)
  • You turn up, I turn up and we have a great session together
  • If there's a time, I can take questions too - otherwise you can submit while on the call and I will answer them later

Piqued enough of your interest already?

So, what topics can you expect?

I have a lot of tech knowledge but my zone of awesome include

  • Email Marketing (list building, automation etc)
  • Website setup
  • Systems Integration
  • Specific tools like (WordPress, Mailchimp, Mailerlite, MemberVault, LeadPages etc)
  • Becoming a Virtual Assistant (mainly a tech VA as that's what I do)
  • Coding (mainly HTML and CSS - not sure you want to learn c#)

I also dabble in Canva, Social media (that's how I started my VA life), Blogging and more.

Vicky Headshot Coded Vector

Meet me, Vicky ~ Your resident tech VA

I love figuring out how systems work which may involve a bit of coding. When I'm not setting up email automations, hanging out in the MV group or fixing WordPress niggles, I do the odd bit of crochet. But you more likely to find me binge-watching a show or winning a board game! 

Got questions like these…?

Why do I have to join your list first? It's a perk of being in my community. I want to help people who are not just in for the free stuff. Also, it's not a traditional freebie in that I won't deliver anything to you straight away and you can always buy the replay afterwards!
What happens if I unsubscribe? You loose access.
How can I join the masterclass? I will send a link by email and also add it to an online page that you'll get access to, so two places to get the link.
What about my other questions? Send them my way using

Ready to "tech" things up a notch in your business?

Come and join my awesome email community for amazing content, actionable tips, invaluable support, and fun life things too!

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