Engagement Boosting Emails For Courses - Party Time

Want straight-up swipeable email copy to nurture your members?

Do you know that there's a whole world beyond the "Thank You/Welcome" email?

A lot goes on in the course creation universe - from actually creating the content to the seemingly endless marketing. 

But when the sales dust settles, how are you going to find out whether your members are getting the desired outcome? Do you even know how many have started the course?

That's where emails can help. Well, the templates that you're about to sign up for.

They go beyond that initial welcome email and are there to cheer on your members as they work through (or don't work through) the course.

I created this for two main reasons:

  1. It can be hard to come up with email content - think staring at a blank screen and wondering what to write. 
  2. A course isn't just for sales - it's also to help your members get results. And that won't happen if they haven't even logged in!

Inside you'll find these swipeable (definitely a word, right?!) goodness:

  • 4 Welcome emails - These include "Thank you" and "What you need to know" emails
  • 10 Engagement emails - Emails to check in with your members, drip modules and reward activities such as completing a lesson
  • 6 Course completion emails - To send off users with "next steps" information, ask for feedback and even referrals!

Piqued enough of your interest already?

This is for you if:

  • You want to boost your course engagement and completion rate
  • Starting emails from scratch fills you with dread and you need inspiration or an example, to kick off the process
  • You want to nurture your members but you don't know where to start without bombarding them with too many extra emails

Here's an example (which you can instantly swipe too)

This is a signup confirmation/thank you email.

Subject: Welcome to [product name]
Preview: Important access details inside

Hey [name],

I'm so excited to have you here. You've taken the first step to [course outcome].

[Optional: a short paragraph/story behind why you created the course] 

Here's what you need to know (BUT read to the end before clicking any links!) 

  • Login link: [Course link]
  • Username: [Email address - use tool syntax like *|EMAIL|* for Mailchimp]
  • Password: [The value you set during sign up]

[In the next section, point them to a key intro lesson or spell out the course schedule if it's dripped e.g. Inside, you'll see a super quick video on how to navigate through the course. As well as awesome tips to help you get the maximum results from the course.]

I'm so excited for you to dive in! 

If there's anything I can help with or you've got an awesome suggestion, hit reply and let me know! 

I won't keep you any longer. Your first lesson [link] awaits. 


P.S. You'll notice that you already have access to [bonus module name]. You'll get a separate email on how to get your hands on all the bonus modules.  

How does it work?

1️⃣ Copy/paste into your email or document editor.

2️⃣ Replace the placeholders with your actual words.

3️⃣ Add it to an automation in your favourite email tool

💥 That's it. Copy, paste, customise, send!

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