Engage and Delight Your MemberVault Customers

Want to take your customers on a fully immersive, intensive, gamified journey through your content?

No idea what I'm talking about? Well, how about I show you how MemberVault makes it easy to engage with your users!

What is this really about?

One of the best things about MemberVault (and why I’m so in love with it) is how it tracks user activity and turns it into an engagement opportunity. From the moment a user signs up, you can start interacting with them based on what they do next.

That could be viewing their first lesson, completing a module or choosing a specific option in a quiz!

What's more, it works the other way too! So, you can automatically work out who isn't engaging and give them a friendly nudge, or just let them know you're there when they are ready, because life happens, right?!

So, what's in this so-called playbook?

  • A video running through of the MemberVault gamification features and how to use them
  • Written notes to go with the video, with some additional tips (great if you don't do video)
  • Best practices on maximising customer engagement without annoying your customers
  • A bonus email template that you can copy, paste and customise
  • And me, of course (read on to find out about me)

Though if you're thinking: "Your bio can wait Vicky, I'm ready to sign up now" then 

2nd of March 19:30GMT/14:30EST - replay available

Vicky Headshot Coded Vector

Meet me, Vicky ~ Your resident tech VA

I love figuring out how systems work which may involve a bit of coding. When I'm not setting up email automations, hanging out in the MV group or fixing WordPress niggles, I do the odd bit of crochet. But you more likely to find me binge-watching a show or winning a board game! 

Back to the workshop. Got questions like these…?

What if I can't make the live session? All paying customers will get access to the replay between 24 to 48 hours after the event.
What do I need to bring? You can just watch but following along might be helpful. For that you'll need MemberVault and your email marketing tool. Setting up a test product in advance (or using a real one) is a good idea.
What are the details again?
  • Live workshop on 2nd March at 19:30GMT 
  • I'm estimating about an hour 
  • Pop up Facebook group from 2nd to 7th March 
  • Replay available for paying customers 
  • Email swipe files to take away and tweak or just use for inspiration (it can be hard staring at that blank screen)
What about my other questions? Send them my way using contact@codedvector.com.

Ready to up your customer experience game?

Grab your MembverVault engagement playbook and start adding a touch of "human" to your user experience.

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