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Your step-by-step guide for migrating to MemberVault is here!

Say goodbye to the headaches of managing multiple platforms and let me help you transition (relatively) smoothly to MemberVault.

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(From £19:- DIY + an option to get my eyes on your setup before launch

I'm assuming you've chosen to read this so I don't have to work too hard to convince you about the benefits of moving to MV 😁

So I'll skip to the good bits!

Here's what to expect:

You'll get a roadmap of what the journey looks like from beginning to end with detailed steps on what you need to do.

The major stop points are:

Migration Prep

Here you'll get your content and systems in order ready for the big move. I'll share some tips along the way to streamline the process.

The Migration 

Once everything's prepped, it's time to migrate to MemberVault! It could get techy but I've added lots of information to guide you on every step! 

Post-Migration Activities

From tying up loose ends to unveiling your new MemberVault site, I'll make sure you go over the last hurdle as smoothly as possible.

What else is inside?

  • There's a fast-track route for those who are on a time crunch
  • I share my experience of migrating my site so you know what not to do
  • There are touchpoints to ask for help 
  • Content format is mainly text and screenshots but I've got plans for videos and an accompanying audio feed too
Vicky Headshot Coded Vector

I'm Vicky, your resident systems, tech & marketing VA

I've worked in I.T. for over a decade and I've always had an interest in all things tech. When I had the mum blog itch, WordPress was the obvious choice. This led to me helping other bloggers set up their WordPress blog and that passion to help people get unstuck has, well, stuck. So this course is as much about teaching you WordPress as it is about support during the process.

What else do you need to know?

How long will I have access for? In theory, it's lifetime access - but whose lifetime? So let's say the lifetime of the product but I will give you plenty of notice if that changes
 What do I need in place before I start? Nothing - just the desire to move to MemberVault!
How long will it take?

It depends on how much content you have, your capacity and how many systems you need to re-integrate into MV. The driving factor for most people I've helped is an impending hosting renewal. I did mine in a weekend but so I'd say that's the minimum time you need.

How techy does it get? The techiest part is probably moving your domain over and everything that goes with that. Your domain provider can help with some heavy lifting here so it's all doable and I provide sample scripts to help you ask the right questions. I also offer a review add-on option where I look over what you've done at the end to make sure you haven't missed anything.   
Is there anything it doesn't cover? The focus is on the process of migrating to MemberVault, not too much on setting up MemberVault - that would need a whole other course. I do give tips on elements like design, functionality etc. 
What about my other questions? Send them my way using

Migrate to MemberVault with confidence!

Your new online home is calling so what are you waiting for? Get the self-paced guide or opt for the done-for-you service where I plan the whole migration, do all the techy parts and guide you on the content tasks (I may also migrate the content for you depending on the volume but let's have a chat first).

DIY Migration Guide Done-For-You Tech Migration

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