Bio Links Page in MemberVault

You can now create your own bio links page in Membervault

Think Linktree but better as it is where your products currently live!

What is this about?

If you use Instagram or need a handy page with all your promo links, then you would have come across the idea of a Links page.

Essentially, it's a page with links. It's probably best I show you what I mean, right?!

Here are some examples:

Let's talk features

  • Image at the top - could be one of you or a logo
  • An optional text area for a heading and a short sentence or 2
  • A column of button links - can be solid colour or outline
  • A different link layout with image on the left and text on the right to highlight an important item
  • A variety of background options - solid colour, gradient and an image
  • Some features of the MV page hidden to make your page stand out. Like the breadcrumb, page title & default footer

What more can I say? Oh, wait, there's a freebie in it for you too!

It looks similar to the examples above with a few differences

  • Breadcrumb visible for navigation to your MV marketplace
  • Default MV footer as that contains your social icons
  • The background colour is your default MV background colour
  • The fancy image + text alternative to buttons is not available

It still looks awesome if you ask me!

So, how do you get your hands on these pages?

Well, I've got two exciting options for you!

Get all the delicious options for only £27

Including the freebie, of course


Get the freebie only

The best things in life are free, right?!

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