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What is this club thing about?

You don't need me to tell you how hard it is to run your own business, while wearing all the hats. You've probably kicked off all the big things like a website,  email list and posting on all the socials.

But where do you go from there?

Perhaps you know all the strategies or are drowning in lots of unfinished courses. You need a clear action plan to actually put them into practice!

The Business Action Club Was Born

This club, membership, collective - whatever you want to call it - is to help you DO THE THINGS.

The business tasks that actually move the needle in your business. Every month, you get a short and sweet business/tech/marketing action to get stuck into.

The big aim is to:

  • Encourage you to try new ways of doing things - business doesn't have to be boring 
  • Optimise an existing workflow, process or system - do more of what's working for you
  • Help you set up your online tech & marketing the right way 
  • Set you up with business besties if you're journeying alone 

Oh and this isn't just another guru membership scenario. I'll be doing it with you - kinda like being down in the trenches rather than spouting advice from the top!

What exactly is in this Club?

I'm still setting things up, that's how freshly pressed this is. But here's a peek at the drawing board:

  • Consistent blogging with some AI fun
  • Website optimisation - think nicely done popups, revamping landing pages etc
  • Exploring video content including playing around with tech to convert text to video (you won't catch me dancing anytime soon 😅) 
  • Dusting off Pinterest to really give it a chance
  • Setting up effective email marketing automations
  • Reviewing funnels, offers in the funnel and the checkout experience
  • Seeking out or creating more collaborative ventures with others and sharing audiences
  • Optimising your processes like onboarding and offboarding 
  • And lots more

Think of it as where your ideas come to life!

And I figured if I'm going to have some fun in my business, might as well bring a few more people along for the (hopefully) merry ride. 

The Who and the How

If there's an online aspect to your business, then you will definitely benefit from this. It's about making time to work in your own business. But service-based businesses might get more out of it. 

There'll be a variation for startups and one for established businesses. 

Now for the HOW.

Again, rough notes here but in my mind it's something like

1️⃣ You sign up for a year at a time

2️⃣ Every month you get at least a couple of actions based on that month's theme - one for startups, the other for more established businesses

3️⃣ You pick at least one action to implement and you share it with us

4️⃣ I do a live session around the actions to kick things off

5️⃣ You share your progress and/or questions in the dedicated thread

💥 That's it for now. Making sense so far? 

I'm setting this up to be minimal effort for both of us. So I won't throw a ton of content at you. I'm debating whether a Facebook group is needed so may need your help deciding after you join. 

I keep using "I" but you may have no idea who I am. So let me introduce myself 👇

Vicky Headshot Coded Vector

Hey, the "I" is for Vicky

Your resident systems and marketing geek! I've been in the online marketing world for quite a few years now, evolving from Social media manager to this fun role of tech & marketing whizz.

I've suppressed the idea of a membership for a long time! But the last year has shown me that taking small, focused steps actually gets things done. 

So I'd like to invite you to The Business Action Club. 

Some questions that are probably going through your mind:

How much did it cost? 

Currently from £12 a year - that's just £1 a month depending on when you join. I won't list all the things that cost less than £12, but suffice to say it's affordable.

P.S It started free as a limited time promo

Is there a commitment or access term? 

In my head, 12 months makes sense. It's a good timescale to implement business changes - especially for those juggling a lot. And there is less admin. 

What if I'm not on Facebook?

Not a problem. The live sessions will be accessible outside Facebook and the actions will be emailed out too. 

Can I get a refund? 

If you've chosen to pay you've got 7 days to request a refund. Do reach out if you have any questions using

Ready to start getting things done inside your business?

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